To design and make use of flexibility in order to experience advantages of adapting in personal situations
To change perspective and become aware of: who you are, where you stand, what you do, what you want and what not
To feel and use lightness with and in one's own, deeper meaning of life


  • Improving the ability to act. It is important to promote SELF-REFLECTION to strengthen the client´s sense of RESPONSIBILITY.
  • Maximum of INDIVIDUALITY. A suitable set and variety of methods as well as adapted process design comes first.
  • QUALITY but also an uncomplicated and unconventional service are CHARACTERISTICS of me and my work.
  • COOPERATION and mutual TRUST. Together we commit ourselves to absolute CONFIDENTIALITY.

Core elements of my work are flexiblity and individuality. Myself and my services are available in person as well as virtual.


Business Coaching

Focused process advice and support on topics and goals in a professional context. Systematically promote and activate existing resources and skills.

Project Coaching

Transfer of knowledge and competence on technical topics of the project management process. Support and coaching in project phases, team-related concerns and goals, the temporary project roles or system.


Advice on problems, questions and opportunities in design, optimization and implementation of internal (project management) processes and requirements.

About me



As project management consultant und independent business coach (certified according to ISO/IEC 17024), I support with professional challenges, accompany in unique everyday project activities and advise on business and project-related issues. My academic background is distinguished by a variety of (socio-) economic subjects: environmental management, social entrepreneurship, human resources management and labour law.

Innovative and social projects are of great importance to me. I am deeply passionate about topics related to social entrepreneurship and impact driven business.