To design and make use of flexibility in order to experience advantages of adapting in personal situations

To change perspective and become aware of: who you are, where you stand, what you do, what you want and what not

To feel and use lightness with and in one's own, deeper meaning of life


The focus of my work is to set impulses. The start of this lies in YOU! “Maybe the yes comes before the readiness. Maybe you’ll say yes and be ready for what’s to come.” Click here for our Discovery 1:1 Call, the start…

🔮 SELF REFLECTION – Embrace RESPONSIBILITY, unlocking your power.
🌟 INDIVIDUALITY & AGILITY – Experience a deeply personal collaboration.
🌿 HOLISTIC Focus – Embrace unconventional wisdom.
🤝 OPENNESS, COOPERATION, & TRUST – Commit to mutual growth.
✨ INTUITION – Honor your inner compass.


Business Coaching Services

Consulting and support in various roles alongside, for and within the company: Accountability Coaching; Sparring Partner; Founding Consultation; SOP Management; Interim Management and Business Operations Management.

Holistic Coaching and Support

Focus on holism and the human being as such: Holistic Business Coaching and Spiritual as well as Energetic Counseling and Healings.


The focus of my work is to work holistically and individually. The start of this lies in YOU! “No matter how hard the past is, you can always begin again.” Click here for our Discovery 1:1 Call, the start…

About me

My ideal clients are purposeful and show commitment. But they might also struggle with all they want to achieve or make tangible. My clients understand the value of an external perspective and can take on and accept support; content- as well as personal-wise.

By means of agility and flexibility, but also with a certain ease, my clients can not only formulate goals, but also master challenges in everyday professional life as well as in project work. I achieve this with and for my clients by offering them a consultation that never loses sight of „the greater good”, the big picture. It responds to their very special needs regarding an agile consultation DNA, benefits from consciously letting me be their contrary.

Anima by JUPelle


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