My Mission is to provide customers with a unique and highly personalized Service. Without any difficulties it is possible to choose freely from various counseling methods and mode of collaboration.

Thus, preferences and desired Benefits of counseling can be adapted to the customers own Needs. In addition to a maximum of individuality, a service is to be provided, which is unique in terms of applied methods and process design. Besides quality focus is put on providing a service of a straighforward and unconventional nature.

To know and make use of your flexibility in order to experience advantages of adapting for yourself – in corresponding situation

To adjust your perspective and become aware of who you are, where you stand, what you do, what you want and what you do not want

To dive into your own profound “level of being” in order to feel and benefit from lightness

My vision is to establish my service in the market and to be available to my customers with flexible and individualized advice. These can then with their personal situations, by being more clear of their own possibilities and freedom of action.


A central element of my work is a flexible and individualized service. Therefore, I offer all services also via digital communication media/channels.


Consultation for various topics and challenges related to projects


Coachings (possibly plus Consulting) in project execution as well as

Business Coaching

(individual) Coachings in a professional/work context with optional Mentoring


Special emphasis of my work is put on a process- and solution-oriented consulting. With an „individualized set of methods“, I support you in finding the appropriate solution for you or assist you in the implementation or in change processes.

Core element of the work between coach and client is improving
their ability to act by promoting self-reflection and self-perception.
As well as strengthening the clients trait of awareness, sense of value and responsibility.

Coaching is based on cooperation and mutual trust. Together
with the client, I commit myself to absolute confidentiality over
all personal information and knowledge I gain during a session.

Consequently, you can deal with your personal situations in a way where you are more aware of your own capabilities. Through impulses that I set, which can be of very different intensity and depth, you can make decisions that are sustainable and personally sustainable for you. For me every customer is unique and should therefore experience a service adapted to their needs, which offers space for individual wishes and adaptations.

About me



My name is Juliane Petsch. Since 2013 I assist clients in
execution and management of projects. Added I look after and
take responsibility for internal project management; both
operationally and strategically.

Since 2018 I am also working
independently as a consultant.

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My academic career is characterized by a variety of thematic
foci with a main emphasis on predominantly economic
disciplines: Environmental Management, Social
Entrepreneurship, and Human Resources and Employment

In 2017/2018, I supplemented this with a training as a
business coach.


„Speak – so that I may see you.“ (Sokrates)
You want to make an appointment or have a question about my offer. Just contact me!

Wiedner Hauptstrasse 65
1040 Wien


0664 416 50 47


JUPelle Coaching und Consulting e.U.
Owner: Juliane Petsch MA

Business Adress: Wiedner Hauptstraße 65, 1040 Wien
Tel: 0664 416 50 47
E-Mail: juliane.petsch@jupelle.at

Legal form: Eingetragenes Einzelunternehmen
Object of the company: Business consulting including business organization,
(business) coaching and project coaching

FN: 493754 i
FB-Court: Vienna
Member of: WKO Vienna
Professional Law: Commercial law: www.ris.bka.gv.at